A guy with the last name Smiley and a giveaway are my fave

December 8, 2009
Doesn’t the last one crack you up?

I kind of think it’s the perfect time of year for a giveaway. Because with all the decorating, shopping, baking and tradition making we have going on, we need to remember to treat ourselves just a tad. And what better way to do that then to win something free and awesome? Today Jess Smiley has offered a digital portrait that you can customize anyway you like. You send him the photo you would like digitized, you tell him how you would like it customized and he sends you the file that you can print out any way you like. I like how this guy rolls. I think I would have mine made with some bunting and a unicorn, just for kicks. Then I would monster size it and hang it over my bed in a slight act of vanity. Because that’s how I roll.

Want to win it for yourself or for a friend (because it would really make a rad gift)? Leave a comment on this post before this Friday. And be sure to check out Jess’s Facebook page to learn more.



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