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January 22, 2010
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I’ve been sick all week. Like mopey sick where I start feeling sorry for myself mostly because I have too much time to contemplate all the things in my life I haven’t accomplished. But then yesterday I got the happiest news that turned the whole week around. So I’m continuing that happy feeling with a list of awesome things.

1. when a movie you actually want to see is playing on the airplane
2. Milky Way Midnights
3. the piece of pizza with the really big bubble
4. the movie Hoosiers
5. Olympic t-shirts at Target
6. when someone has a really loud and unique laugh in an audience and it makes everybody else laugh when they hear it
7. when there is a cardigan category in an online shop
8. crossing things off of your to do list
9. watching someone win both showcases on The Price is Right
10. the feeling you have on the night before a fun vacation

Cheers to the weekend.



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