Spotted and hearted

February 17, 2010

Does anybody else think the new figure skating scores are really confusing? And that Plushenko needs to settle down his arm movements and his half mullet/half bowl cut? Oh well, we must press forward.

Decoders aren’t just cereal prizes spotted on Ruffled
I’m a blogger, I love stripes so sue me spotted on A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door
Picture 3
I’ve watched the L of L for Target video a total of ten times and I’m still excited spotted on Sweetie Pie
Not too late to send this spooners card spotted on Mae Mae
Apparently the Olympics make me hungry because I want these rainbow pancakes spotted on Milk
And I wouldn’t mind this Nutella swirled banana bread spotted on Linds Stew Foodies
And don’t forget this most perfect of cakes spotted on Forty Sixth and Grace
Dear Nathaniel, you spent the time to make this and now you are my hero spotted by the ever awesome Karen



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