An Olympic party is my fave

February 19, 2010

I’m warning you now, the following photos will not do my family’s Olympic party justice. There was no pro lighting or styling that took place. But it’s kind of for the best because if I posted pro photos the jealousy of not being part of my family might be a little out of control.

What the guests were greeted with (courtesy of my awesome sister Gina):

lighted rings

Some menu items:
ring dip
pucks and bars
rings cake

Other menu items included Canadian pizza, maple leaf sugar cookies and curling fries with gravy.

All the kids participated in a Olympic obstacle course and then were awarded medals. This is my cute niece Ryley standing in front of the well crafted backdrop created by her fave aunt (stating the obvious: that aunt is me).


I hope you’re enjoying the games as much as I am. Have a golden weekend.



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