Spotted and hearted sponsor edition

February 22, 2010
What’s this? Spotted and hearted on a Monday?! I know, I’m a real fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. I actually wanted to highlight my top notch sponsors and thought this would be a perfect way to do it.
Jennifer made this caramel sauce that is begging for some ice cream (and the packaging is cute too) spotted on I Art U
A while back I attempted to make something like this poppy hair pin and failed miserably, I’m happy I spotted these in Ilene’s shop
I hope to hire Kelly to capture my future babies spotted on Spindle Photography
pink sofa_decor amor
Portrait wall! spotted by Melissa at My Design Delights
Pretty vintage dress that kind of reminds me of Rami spotted in Capricious Traveler Etsy shop
Kellie has an eye for vintage, makes headbands and is the pretty model, talk about multitasking spotted on Rose Red
Picture 3
Caren convinced me I need a leather hippo spotted on Rock My World
Lauren is a card making champ spotted on Pen.ny
This emerald gem is close to being in my Etsy shopping cart spotted on Suzyville
Opening Ceremonies Bingo Card Bright
Lauren has the Olympic spirit (she’s actually there, lucky duck) and made these cookies and bingo game spotted on Tara and Thyme

I told you they were tops.

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