Spotted and Hearted

March 31, 2010

I’m kind of over the moon right now because my very best friend just had her first baby. I’m just sitting here pushing refresh on the computer and waiting for more pictures. This spotted reflects my happiness.

Spring biking spotted on Urban Weeds
Clever display spotted on Hooray
Tulips have always been a fave flower spotted on Abby Try Again
Picture 1
New York captured by polaroid spotted on Design Work Life
A party in necklace form spotted on Wit and Delight
Good day indeed spotted on Abby Sharp
My fave store and I were in a couple day tiff and then it offered me these party napkins and I quickly forgave spotted at Target

Things that remind me of the ocean are my fave

March 30, 2010
Picture 1
Montauk slip on
A Cetacean Study
nautical locket
Picture 2
Breton top

I saw this girl wearing cute boat shoes on our cruise and I can’t stop thinking about them. Maybe it was because she had dainty little feet. Something’s telling me that they wouldn’t look as cute on my size 8 1/2 clunkers.

Striking the right balance is my fave

March 29, 2010
the selby
The Selby


Fine Little Day

Southern Accents via Jane

Plush Palate

City Sage

Remember my love of gallery walls? Turns out it’s still going strong. These are a few faves as of late.

No Foundation Foundation is my fave (giveaway time!)

March 26, 2010

You know those people who just wake up pretty? I’m not one of them and frankly, anybody who is irritates me. I’m one of those people who needs a healthy dose of foundation before I enter the light as to not scare anyone into thinking I’ve a chimney sweep with a slight case of jaundice. If you feel even the slightest like me, I have good news. NV Perricone is offering one reader a bottle of their No Foundation Foundation that makes you glow without looking like Miss Mcstreaky pants. It actually makes it look like you just woke up with that pretty flush.

Here’s the game plan: leave a comment on this post sharing why you want (or like me need) this foundation by next Friday, April 2. The winner will be chosen randomly then. Best of luck my friends.

Bags with stripes are my fave

March 25, 2010
vintage french stripe market tote
nautical stripes carpet bag
quote canvas n leather saddle bag
washed hobo

Because somedays you don’t really feel like widening any part of your body by wearing horizontal stripes. Those days are usually following a Mini Egg binge. Why do they have to be so dang good?

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