Bunting, turquoise, stripes and rainbows are my fave

March 17, 2010

Do you ever run across a blog that whenever you see a new post you say, “Hot dang! Absolutely. I love those things too. This person is me because they’re clearly the coolest.” That is Liz’s blog Say Yes to Hoboken to me. Oh, and she also runs this little diddy – Baby Hank Vintage


One thing I think we all know about Melanie, besides being obsessed with the Olympics, is that any and all bunting is her fav. Although,it’s probably safe to say she has lots of favs. However, I’m guessing bunting ranks high on the long list. So in honor of Melanie, (one of my fav bloggers), I’d like to share with you a little sewing project from a couple months ago that involves bunting. turquoise. stripes.
and rainbows. I know, I KNOW. Cause something that combines all of my favs…is MY fav.

I started with a little turquoise felt that I cut into a bunting-esque shape


sewed is onto two pieces of stripey linen that I had sewed together and then pressed and turned inside out.


Following the shape of the bunting as I was trying to sew the felt on proved to be a real test for my mediocre sewing skills (so don’t look too carefully at the stitch!).


Nice french red ribbon was sewed between the pieces of linen before so that it rolled and tied up nicely together for my 2 year old to carry along, but really I wanted to keep it for myself.


Pretty and functional. Bingo.

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