A red balloon party is my fave

March 19, 2010

Today’s guest is the talented Caroline who has a must read blog, a jewelry shop that is in its entirety on my wish list and two adorable kids. She’s all around awesome.

hello all!

first, i have to say, i’m very excited to be able to guest post over here on you are my fav. since, it is one of my fav’s!

my name is caroline [pronounced care- o – lean, like gasoline] armelle drake. i’m a jewelry designer, and i blog over at armelle.

melanie asked me to post on whatever topic i’d like today, and i have parties on the brain lately, so i thought i’d do a little post about party planning. and, i love the virtual parties melanie puts together, so i thought i’d try my hand at one.

my almost three year old son is obsessed lately with the 1956 short film, the red balloon. i thought movie would be great inspiration for a party.

so, if i were to throw a “red balloon” themed party. it may look a little something like this.

the invites
for the invitations, it would be darling to take photos of your child holding a giant red balloon.


i did one for my sons circus party last year, and it would be perfect for this “red balloon” theme. i turned the photos into faux poloroids and included them with the invitations.
a red balloon would also be a darling addition to the invitation, packaged up like the one from my little ezra’s circus party invitation.


with the photo, you could also include these darling cards from etsy shop ello there with all the party time and details custom printed on them.


the food
you could serve various types of french food. french pastries, baguette sandwiches, a nice french cheese spread, or even try you hand and these darling red “balloon” sandwiches by crafty rachel. i love how the cherry tomatoes resemble little red balloons.


and, don’t forget the red striped paper straws. because i think every party should have striped paper straws. i found these from the etsy shop, my sweet life, click here.


a red theme for the decorations is a must. bust, i also liked a mix of red, black, and white.
bunting or garland is always a fav. try putting up some darling homemade bunting out of cute red, black, and white fabric or paper like jennifer from fresh dwelling did for her red balloon party.

Banner Balloons-1-1.JPG

and of course, you can’t forget, lots and lots of red balloons.

Balloons copy-1

or, if you are really on a balloon “high” you can order these 3 ft round red balloons i found here.

the party favors
party favors are always fun to put together.
a great idea for a “red balloon” themed party would be to make surprise balls, or in this case, surprise balloons!


the surprise balloons would be similar to the popular surprise balls i’ve seen out there. [a great tutorial can be found here.]
basically, you’ll want to get a plain red balloon, then fill it will candy, or favorite trinkets like toys or anything related to the theme. you can fill it up with treasures, and package it up cute to hand out. then, the children can get their surprise balloons and blow them up to see its contents. and, maybe even have to pop them to get the prize!

well, i hope this helps inspire you for the next party you throw.

thanks for letting me be a part of this fun blog!

until next time and au revoir!

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