A spring bridal shower is my fave

April 19, 2010
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For those of you who don’t really understand the blogging world (mom, thanks for always reading) you’ll probably think this next statement is really weird and maybe even a little crazy. I have a really great friend I’ve never met. We connected over the Olympics a couple years ago and have been emailing ever since. She’s always good for a TV show quote and for hilarious real life Liz Lemon moments. And she always reassures me I’m awesome when I need it most. Her name is Karen and that is my little ode to her. Karen, you’re the best. Here is the spring bridal shower inspiration I promised for you. I’m thinking simple cloth perched over the tables, dishcloth placemats, pails of flowers, little party poppers at each seat, floral ice blocks and little paper bags of strawberries for favors. What do you think?

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