A birthday dress is my fave

May 4, 2010
gingham dress from the always lovely Celine

My birthday is in six days (May 10th for those of you not stellar at math or for those who want to send me presents). I take my birthday seriously. I tell people it’s my favorite holiday. Sadly, I found out a few years ago that your birthday kind of loses the sparkle it had when you were younger. So I started my own tradition, with myself. That’s okay, right? This is what I do: every year a little before the actual day of awesomeness I buy myself what I call my birthday dress. A fun, twirl worthy dress that I feel cute in and that makes me giggle in the dressing room. Then I wear it on or around my birthday and from then on I refer to it as my birthday dress and it holds a special memory of what I did that year to celebrate. I highly suggest adopting this tradition. If dresses aren’t your thing, maybe a pair of shoes? Or a piece of art? Or some cheeses with cake flags?

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