A Mother’s Day family tree is my fave

May 11, 2010

First I need to mention that THIS IS NOT MY IDEA. I give full credit to the amazing Brooke of Inchmark. If you don’t subscribe to her blog already, put the big gulp down and do that now. Everything she does is genius. So I took her idea and made (on Illustrator) a silhouette family tree for my mom for Mother’s Day. I didn’t get the poster printed in time to send it to her so I emailed her the digital file while I was on the phone with her. Her reaction was classic mom, ohhing and ahhing over all the details. I like the little ones silhouettes best with their round faces. Ryan and I are at the bottom and I have one thing to say to my future children, I’m sorry about the size of your schnozes. Boy, I just love my family.

I forgot to mention that Bridget was the lucky winner of the Adelaide Rose Designs giveaway.

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