A party for Parker Patrick is my fave

May 24, 2010
The little pots of grass were just popcorn seeds planted. I kid you not.


book garland

My mom sewed these book bags for favors. They were filled with pencils, a bookmark, book labels and little bags of cookies. I forgot to photograph the contents!

I had plans for this shower. Grand plans. It involved long tables in my parent’s blossoming backyard with strings of lights and women in party dresses laughing while sipping lemonade like a commercial for Nair. And then my mom called and gave me the forecast. Fifty degrees and raining. So I sucked it up and with my mom the side kick. We channeled Tim Gunn and made it work. It wasn’t what I dreamed but it was dang good. So good that when it was all finished, I just sat back and smiled and snuggled with Parker. I think my title as favorite auntie has been established.

More to come from the photobooth tomorrow.

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