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June 30, 2010
Pretty eats spotted on Design Crush
Paper flowers are even better than fresh spotted on Once Wed
Except is the fresh arrangement is from Chelsea spotted on Frolic

Chevron rug project spotted on Little Green Notebook
Emersonmade clothing! spotted on Wit and Delight
Summer prints spotted on Two Brunettes
Brunch is better than any movie with Nicolas Cage (except maybe National Treasure, the first time you see it) spotted on Bonjour

Five fashions under $50 are my fave


I put together five summery fashion faves all under $50. Check it out on Fashion Under $100.

A grandpa that always has a twinkle in his eye is my fave

June 29, 2010
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My family recently threw a 90th birthday party for my grandpa. When he entered the room (in a suit!) everybody applauded. I wouldn’t have found that unusual if it wasn’t his birthday. He’s just that kind of guy.

One of my contributions was making pins using various photos of the birthday kid for the family to wear. I just got the reusable pins at Michaels and inserted photos. I think this idea could translate really well for all kinds of celebrations and would be especially cute for a kids birthday party. Who wouldn’t love wearable photos of themselves?

A party where cowboy boots would be acceptable is my fave

June 28, 2010
Country Living

My fave part of this scene is surprisingly not the bunting. It’s the table cloths. I have a new thing for linens.

(I was just about to put ruh roh after that last sentence but then realized it would be completely annoying and I would lose friends.)

North by Northwest is my fave

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After watching North by Northwest again this weekend (so genius) we booked a hotel five miles from Mount Rushmore. I hope you can climb on the faces with a Cary Grant look alike. Eeek, I’m so excited.

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