First day of summer parties are my fave

June 24, 2010
the demolished table

my biggest fans (I let them eat fists full of jimmies) 

me realizing the 6 quarts of homemade ice cream was gone and pulling out the generic replacement

Last week I realized the official first day of summer was approaching quickly and I couldn’t just let it pass without some type of celebration. Luckily my friend with the cutest outdoor space (hello picket fence and breezeway) jumped on board and I spent the weekend making ice cream and gathering toppings. It was probably one of the most simple parties I’ve done but one of the most successful. I guess if you put out a bowl of gummy bears and a carafe of hot fudge, your fan base quickly grows. Hello summer. Thanks for coming my way.

Oh, and we didn’t happen to snap photos until the table had been completely attacked. It was originally much prettier. And that hot fudge is still in my fridge being drunk for breakfast.

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