Spotted and hearted

August 4, 2010

Three things:
1. The only reason I knew that Project Runway was starting up again (no cable) was because I was flipping through a magazine to see photos of Carrie Underwood’s wedding and they had a little snippet. Slightly embarrassing but I’m only human.
2. If you were wanting to ask me a question (I’m fascinating, I can’t help it) you can now easily do that using Formspring.
3. The following photos are so visually stimulating you might need to take a breather after viewing them.

A town celebration (in France of course) spotted on Design is Mine
Six hundred butterfly portraits spotted on Brown Button
Magical spotted on Happy Notions Round 2
Because babies deserve an exclamation mark spotted on Rifle
Sheep's Meadow. New York City
Aerial views spotted on Black Eiffel

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