A pinwheel first birthday is my fave

August 6, 2010

I’m thrilled to share this party I designed today mostly because anything involving a baby this cute is sure to be a winner.

Hollys_bday_2010 - 035
The inspiration came from the pinwheel dress that Katie sewed for the little birthday girl, Holly, and from Vicky’s pinwheels and pearls party. Isn’t this family photo so sweet?

Hollys_bday_2010 - 049

I created the invitations with a mini pinwheel, a candle and the help of hot glue.

Hollys_bday_2010 - 042

Hollys_bday_2010 - 046
I made all the paper decorations by hand and caught up with a few seasons of Design Star while I was cutting and gluing. I may have watched too many episodes because during all of the creating I literally thought, “I hope I don’t get eliminated.” Eliminated from what, I’m not sure.

I made the hanging balls with the use of a beach ball, yarn and liquid laundry starch.


Hollys_bday_2010 - 039
Hollys_bday_2010 - 022
Hollys_bday_2010 - 020
Isn’t the mini cake so cute? Katie is an awesome baker. Like she actually tries Martha Stewart recipes that include ingredients you have never heard of. When people bit into the cupcakes there were audible sounds of joy.

Hollys_bday_2010 - 012
My favorite photo of the day.

Hollys_bday_2010 - 044
The favors were filled with watermelon Sour Patch Kids to match the pink and green color scheme and because they’re delicious.

I had so much fun crafting this party. I hope you enjoyed it.

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