A birthday picnic is my fave

September 2, 2010
When I posted Holly’s first birthday Emily commented that she wished I were her party planner. Since I try to be like Oprah and make wishes come true, I contacted her and we teamed up to create a pretty picnic party for her little girl Adelaide.
Adelaide is so happy and smiley. She knows how to charm in front of the camera.
The party was held in a nice park in Boulder. Ryan hung a make-shift canopy above the food table and it was held up by the bunting. I love how the balloons look even though some of the kids had taken off with them by the time this photo was taken. 
On each picnic blanket there was a cake stand of cupcakes. The balloons doubled as favors and were held down by little fabric pouches of salt water taffy.
Isn’t the bunting cute? I enlisted the help of a friend who is a much better sewer than me. It was a very smart move.
Emily took care of the food and even tapped a watermelon. I made the little flags that the guests waved around as they sang Happy Birthday.
Adelaide was so friendly she let me hold her. I kind of look like I’m fourteen.

I like that we just used your basic party essentials but it turned out so cute. Who’s next? 

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