Things you won’t find on this blog are my fave

October 15, 2010
When I have a house with lots of windows, they will be filled with balloons.

This week has been filled with good piece of news on top of good piece of news. And I’m not talking I found a dime on the sidewalk good news, like REALLY good news. A new job! A new baby (not mine, more on this later)! Mondo in a bow tie! A kid named J’Romeo! So basically the best week ever. Let’s wrap it up with a little list, shall we?

Things you won’t find on YAMF:
– Kei$ha
– videos of me skateboarding
– references to Two and a Half Men
– NASCAR updates
– cherub statues
– hot buys from KMart
– reviews of fantasy/sci-fi movies
– a taxidermy tutorial
– the claim that vanilla is better than chocolate
– clown/jester decor

I hope the weekend brings more goodness. I want to pass it out like cotton candy.

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