Mondo and his use of herringbone fabric are my fave

October 18, 2010

Since my fave contestant from PR this season is from Denver, I naturally googled him to see if I could figure out where he lives in this town of mine. I didn’t find his place but I did find that they have a screening party with him in presence every Thursday at the Beauty Bar. So I called my most dedicated PR fan friends and we curtailed are booties there last week. What we got was glittered walls, Mondo’s entourage, a PR cheering section and a handshake from the man of the hour.


Let me explain… I had just taken a photo of my friend and Mondo and before I could hand her back the camera and pose for one myself, he was distracted by some other fan. I just jumped in by him and told her to take one anyway. I look like a stalker so therefore I find it hilarious. I actually had just told him something super lame like, “I love your ensemble tonight.”


Live in Denver? You should meet us there for the finale! It should be pretty fantastic.

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