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October 30, 2010
Ryan jumping in a photo he was not invited in, so now we both have crazy Mondo stalker photos. Photos from Leslie

I’m sure the topic of the tragedy that was last night’s finale has been hashed and rehashed too many times to count but what kind of fan am I if I don’t throw in my two cents? And my two cents is this: if midriffs, crocheted booty shorts and wearing glossy jackets without anything underneath is fashion forward, the 2000 teens are looking mighty ugly. I have nothing against Gretchen but I would feel better about her victory if I had even remotely liked her collection. I sort of liked one dress. That’s it. I just don’t understand.

Mondo of course was gracious and held it together as he watched the results in a room with 500 other people, several sporting mustaches and shorts in his honor. He’s such a champ. Was anybody else kind of obsessed with his use of the bright skinny belt?

Love Mondo as much as I do? Gabby shared some great photos and a video of the party last night.

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