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November 8, 2010

Chums, I’m searching for some fresh blogs to fill my reader with. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve given it a little update and it’s looking tired and worn. Much like me after a weekend of party prep. You didn’t think I would forget about celebrating big for baby Lucas, did you?

Here are three of my new faves:


Jane is a graphic designer who puts together so many delightful collages that I favorite every single one on Lox Papers.


After seeing Brittany and Paul’s wedding with the huge paper flowers and hand-painted banners (so fantastic) I knew that their blog would be come an instant read. They live in Copenhagen and share awesome bits of life there (like a theater prop flea market) on The House That Lars Built.


Mariah lives in South Africa (maybe I have a thing for interesting locales today) and blogs at Size Too Small. Her style is simple and understated but just darn cool. Plus I love her Now and Then series pairing women of the past with new fashion collections.

So please share what fresh content you’ve come across lately, whether it be on a blog or something else that’s struck your fancy.

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