The first day of Christmas projects is my fave

December 1, 2010

Today I’m kicking off twelve days of Christmas projects that if I can do, you can do. Nothing requiring electric tools or hard to find products. Expect lots of felt, use of a glue gun and metallics.

For today I made an ornament advent calendar and a felt pinecone.


List of supplies:
– cork board
– 1/2 yard felt
– push pins
– ornaments of your choice
– circle punch
– double sided tape
– styrofoam egg
– glue gun
For the advent calendar – cover a cork board in felt, securing in the back with pins or staples. Place 25 push pins in the front and hang ornaments from them. Punch 25 circles out of white paper and label 1 – 25 then use double stick tape to number each ornament. Everyday in the advent you can hang a new ornament on the tree.
For the felt pine cone – Shave off some of the sides from your styrofoam egg to form it more into a pine cone shape. Cut several half ovals (I freehanded this, each was a little different) from the felt. Attach to styrofoam with a hot glue gun, layering as you go. Attach a small piece of twine on top with glue for hanging.

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