a wall of wreaths is my fave

December 7, 2010


I’ve loved all of the DIY wreath projects I’ve seen lately, so much that I couldn’t decide on just one I wanted to try, so I tried four. Felt leaf, felt ball, tinsel and yarn – all made within a few hours.

For the felt leaf:
This one I saw from a friend. All you need is some felt (about 1/2 yard) and a straw wreath form (cheaper than styrofoam). Free cut leaf shapes and hot glue them, layering as you go.

For the felt ball:
This one I used an embroidery hoop and felt balls from Ornamentea. Just a little hot glue and you’re done.

For the tinsel:
Silver tinsel + a weird stick wreath form from the dollar store + hot glue

For the yarn:
I don’t remember where I first saw this type of wreath but it’s super simple and maybe my favorite of all. Wrap yarn around a straw wreath form tightly, going around a couple of times until the form doesn’t show through. I cut the leaves from ribbon and the berries some more of the felt balls.

For the final wall I added a little boxwood wreath and a cardboard moose with earmuffs. Sorry for the poor photo, I’ll take a better one if the sun ever comes out today. Photos updated!

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