garlands three different ways are my fave

December 9, 2010



You didn’t think I would forget to include some garlands on my holiday craft list did you? Maybe it’s because I make these so often but it only took me about 30 minutes to whip them up last night.

– felt balls (yes, they’re making their appearance again)
– napkins (I got my striped ones from IKEA) or tissue paper
– yarn (leftovers from the wreath)
– scissors
– needle and thread

For the felt ball garland, simply string the balls with a needle and thread. They’re very easy to string through.Jordan made a pretty one too.

For the snow ball garland, I used this pom flower tutorial.

For the napkin flower garland, I used this tutorial, which is the same process as making tissue poms but you just fluff one side. I liked the idea of using the napkins because they fluff well and don’t tear as easily as tissue paper.

Only five projects left!

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