christmas packages are my fave

December 16, 2010


Wrapping presents is very much a Christmas project. I’m kind of famous for my bad wrapping skills but this year I put a tad more effort into it and they turned out better. The corners still aren’t perfect, I need to take a course from Jordan.

Speaking of packages, TJ Maxx asked me if I wanted to participate in a blogger secret Santa exchange this year. Since I love discount shopping and surprises I merrily said yes. They teamed me up with Julie of Orchid Grey (kind of intimidating buying presents for someone who’s clearly got the cool thing figured out) and she sent me a lovely package of things to keep me cozy during winter. The shawl is like a stylish Snuggie and aren’t those knee socks darling? I’m going to see if I can pull them off. Thanks Julie and TJ Maxx!

Update: See what I sent Julie. I kind of wanted to keep it all for myself.

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