felt christmas cards are my fave

December 21, 2010


Hooray for the last day of Christmas projects! A hooray for me since my apartment is no longer covered in flotsam and jetsam and a hooray for you since I’m sure you’ve tired of it all.

I made our Christmas cards with my best buddy, felt, this year. Then glue gun, kraft paper and twine found out how much fun we were having and crashed the party. I just had to cut, glue and then do a couple stitches for the tags which are a free printable created by Amy of Eat Drink Chic. I like how each one is a little different and that it’s an unexpected material for a card.

My mom taught me how to make that snowflake last week and I found a tutorial here. I just substituted paper with felt because it’s become my material of choice for everything. Next up, felt stir-up pants.

And sorry for all of the recipients (my small fan club consisting of my mom, Kelly and the Stukeys) who have yet received them in the mail. It’s a grab bag of sorts so it will still be a surprise when you open it.



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