bags with fun prints are my fave

January 31, 2011

Picnik collage
I love the selection of cute printed handbags from Fossil. If you’re in the market for a diaper bag, one of the bigger ones would be perfect. No more of this Winnie the Pooh stuff, okay.

three years is my fave

January 30, 2011

Well what do you know? YAMF the blog officially celebrated three years today. Should I now go into a sappy spiel about how much it’s changed my life and I can’t believe it’s already three years old and act like it’s my child? Not that there’s anything wrong with that I just, you know, would be super embarrassed if I had to explain to Ryan why I was tearing up. Best to avoid that.

For an official yay-you’re-three! gesture, I’m offering a giveaway* of sorts.

What’s up for grabs: A party thrown by me for you (or your child, best friend, second cousin, etc). You can choose the occasion. I will create a party board for you, make decorations and give you step-by-step instructions on how to carry it out yourself. If you live within reasonable distance (or buy me a plane ticket) I’ll do the whole shabang.

How are you entered: Comment on this post before Friday, February 4th at midnight. Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted by me through email.


*I know giveaways are sometimes frowned upon because they’re a cheap gimmick to get more readers and such, but I’m really choosing to do this for the fun of it. I won’t force you to follow me, I just ask that you won’t spread mean rumors about me behind my back.

image from Martha Stewart

a few thoughts on style are my fave

January 28, 2011

Thanks to Joslyn and Liz for spurring these thoughts.

Stacey and Clinton have told me. Tim Gunn has told me. Every fashion magazine on the planet has told me. When it comes to fashion, quality over quantity. But have I listened when the clearance rack beckons to me? No, I fill my bag with tops I’ll wear two times before they snag and misshape and text my sisters to tell them how good of a deal I got. Not that sales are a bad thing, I just need to think more before I buy.

See, I made an effort when I went to Alt and realized, yes, I can put together an outfit. A pretty good outfit (this may have been the result of my personal stylists, Natalie and Danni). So why can’t this be a daily occurance? Because it’s too much effort to rifle through all of the not so great clothes in my closet. To edit.

I need to just have the quality, classic pieces that feel good every time you put them on. I need to utilize my accessories. I need not worry if I wear the same item more than once in two weeks. I can have good style. I can be an it girl (in my own mind). I will edit my closet with pieces that will last for years. I will not buy an item just because it’s on sale. I will say yes to items that make me dance in the dressing room. I will make only thoughtful purchases.

Five reasons I’m will no longer shop at Forever 21 (except for the occasional belt):
1. Poor quality
2. The store layout gives me a headache
3. Their crap return policy
4. The sizes make you feel fat (their size small barely fits a small child)
5. Fifty-year-old women in lycra cheetah print tops


photos from Jake Rosenberg for The Coveted

colorful stripes are my fave

January 27, 2011

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 10.46.39 PM
I’m wildly inspired by these colorful stripe installations (yes wildly, like an animal). I want to get my hands on a big room with hard floors and white walls. I might just have my living room turn into an ever changing art installation. One month it’s filled with balloons, the next it’s sporting polka dots and then stripes. Yes, I like the sound of that.

Kate Spade adpainted road by Gene Davis spotted on Ali Loves Curtistape installation at Kate Spade store

spotted and hearted

January 26, 2011

This week I’m awfully fond of…
Gold triangles and stripes (BIG surprise) spotted on Eat Drink Chic

Oversized flower art installations spotted on A Cup of Jo

This cute girl’s style spotted on Pinterest

Dancers among us (how is this even possible?) spotted on Design Work Life

Clementines, cardigans and Christmas are winter’s only redeeming qualities spotted on Lonely Pie

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