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January 4, 2011

I’m knee deep in Alt Summit planning (see, I work for Gabby – if you’re wondering how a small fry like me got involved) and I’m so excited but also slightly nervous. Excited about the fact that I’ll meet some friends and be endlessly inspired, nervous that I’ll stumble over my words and have spinach stuck in my teeth.

I was chatting (read: blabbing about my insecurities) with Susan and asked her for advice on how to be awesome during Alt. Here’s what she’s given me so far:
1. Be really really unaware + also, let your son eat a whole bag of M&M’s for lunch.
2. Make sure and ALWAYS spill things on your shirt while eating.

I’m such a blogger – worrying that people will actually be paying attention to me. Eh.

So are you going to Alt? Or after reading this are you completely confused? Learn more about Alt Design Summit here (including the amazing speaker list!) and book your tickets. I’m offering a suitcase full of Swedish Fish and late night dance parties.

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