herringbone floors are my fave

January 17, 2011


Screen shot 2011-01-16 at 8.43.28 PM

Mariah introduced me to the Freunde von Freunden (Ryan interpreted for me and it means Joy From Friends, isn’t that sweet?) and I spent the majority of my Saturday night looking at every single home tour  (this whole Ryan is studying for the bar thing has completely destroyed anything resembling a date night). I found myself swooning over all of the herringbone wood floors. Why don’t I see amazing details like this in more American homes? I’m going to have to go custom built. Hear that Ryan? I’ve already found ways to spend money for the next 20 + years.

All images photographed by Alline Liefeld for Freunde Von Ferunden – Malin Elmlid’s home – this is my fave one, Kirsten Hermann’s homeAlex Flach’s homeInes and Andre’s homeOlaf’s Hajek’s home

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