three years is my fave

January 30, 2011

Well what do you know? YAMF the blog officially celebrated three years today. Should I now go into a sappy spiel about how much it’s changed my life and I can’t believe it’s already three years old and act like it’s my child? Not that there’s anything wrong with that I just, you know, would be super embarrassed if I had to explain to Ryan why I was tearing up. Best to avoid that.

For an official yay-you’re-three! gesture, I’m offering a giveaway* of sorts.

What’s up for grabs: A party thrown by me for you (or your child, best friend, second cousin, etc). You can choose the occasion. I will create a party board for you, make decorations and give you step-by-step instructions on how to carry it out yourself. If you live within reasonable distance (or buy me a plane ticket) I’ll do the whole shabang.

How are you entered: Comment on this post before Friday, February 4th at midnight. Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted by me through email.


*I know giveaways are sometimes frowned upon because they’re a cheap gimmick to get more readers and such, but I’m really choosing to do this for the fun of it. I won’t force you to follow me, I just ask that you won’t spread mean rumors about me behind my back.

image from Martha Stewart

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