operation cardigan complete is my fave

February 28, 2011

Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 8.27.11 AM
day twenty-one
I told Ryan his whole finishing law school and taking the bar thing pales in comparison to the fact that I wore a different cardigan for 28 days straight. I mean come on, that takes work.

I always thought it was a little ridiculous when celebrities (or maybe just Lauren Conrad) said that they took photos of themselves before they went out because they didn’t trust mirrors. I don’t think that’s so silly anymore. I learned a lot from looking at the photos everyday, mostly what really works and what doesn’t. I felt a bit like I was on the Devil Wears Prada and I was Meryl Streep telling Anne Hatheway that she has no style. Except I was both of them.

Here’s what I learned:
– I dress super boring.
– Accessorizing always helps, unless it’s a hemp necklace with a peace sign.
– I need a better full length mirror.
– I may be the sole reason the Old Navy near me stays open.
– Be careful with horizontal stripes. The wider the stripe and further apart they are, the more dangerous.
– When in doubt, belt it.
– Dressing for your shape is the #1 rule.

The next steps in the great closet overhaul of 2011:
– Keep. Toss. Donate.
– Be more aware of what works and what doesn’t on my shape. Three quarter sleeves and scoop necks are my best friends. Crew necks and cap sleeves are not.
– Dress up more. Don’t save the best items for the rare occasions. It’s like never using the nice silverware.
– Shop with the mentality of a French woman.
– Play with opposites: “When women look at other women who are stylish, what they always notice is the play of opposites: It’s the trenchcoat over the sequined shift. What’s so appealing is dressing like you didn’t stress over it.” – Michael Kors

the king’s speech is my fave

February 25, 2011

Picture 4
We went and saw The King’s Speech yesterday afternoon because we could (weekday afternoon matinees are the best). I was struck by the visuals of the entire movie. I especially loved Lionel’s office with the massive fireplace and the wall with years of paint and wallpaper showing through. It looked like pretty marble paper.
kings speech1
I also liked the use of paper decorations during one of his speeches.

I should mention that it just wasn’t visually appealing, the entire movie is well worth a viewing for the story is very well told. And there is a little scene that will satisfy the Pride and Prejudice fans out there.

getting my husband back is my fave

February 24, 2011

Ryan was greeted with this wall of balloons when he returned home from finishing the bar yesterday. It was my way of saying, “Good job honey. You’ve spent the last 3 1/2 years earning a JD and a masters while working at the same time. You’ve been studying for eight hours a day for the last two months – then you took a grueling two day test all so you can support our family. No big deal. Can you do the dishes? ” Thanks champ – you did it!

a handcrafted party book is my fave


This prettiest of handmade books dedicated to the party tugs at my heartstrings. Stripes, confetti, mini envelopes – simply perfect.

Book created by Lucie Everett spotted on Design is Mine

spotted and hearted

February 23, 2011

My fave word in Italian also looks like the cutest restaurant in existence spotted on A Happy Day

Danni and Nick got married, it was awesome, they had a picnic reception that looks like something worthy of a dream sequence spotted on Oh Hello Friend

Liz, you need to own every single one of these bow clutches spotted on The Ritzy Bee

Screen shot 2011-02-22 at 8.18.39 PM
Genius confetti storage and toss spotted on Snippet and Ink

I wish I scored awesome floral paintings from the thrift store (all I ever come across is framed motivational prints) spotted on An Apple a Day

diary lovely header copy
Both Anna and Helena spotlighted me on their blogs this week so do me a solid (do people say that?) and check it out. Thanks ladies!

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