a list of why sometimes simple party decor is best is my fave

February 11, 2011

The prettiest the top of my table has ever looked.

What I learned from being in charge of decorating fifteen tables in a not so attractive setting on a small budget – or – a list of why sometimes simple party decor is best.

1. Most guests aren’t going to appreciate the intricate details and handmade decorations as much as you do – unless it’s a meeting for party planners or design bloggers. Don’t be offended by this. Assess the party, if it’s not worth your time to go crazy haul (a phrase I just invented) with the details, don’t waste your time. Save it for your fan club party. They love everything you do.
2. Most of your guests won’t be in the party industry or regular visitors of blogs. If you come across an idea that you love (like using mason jars for vases) but feel like you see it way too much – realize that it will come across as fresh to a majority of your guests. They’re not seeing it everyday.
3. Not to keep on dissing on your guests – but remember when you’re stressed because your 100 layer rainbow cake is crumbling that their wow factor is lower.
4. Stick with the basics. Fresh flower arrangements always look nice, just don’t throw in baby’s breath or neon dyed daisies. If you’re trying to save pennies, buy your own flowers. I like to get mine at Whole Foods. I’m not a florist by any means but I find that if you stick with vases with smaller openings and put only one type of flower in each one, it looks like you kind of know what you’re doing.
5. Don’t let a party intimidate you. Just bake a cake (or buy one from DQ), scatter some confetti and have a good mix of friends and you’re golden.

Of course it is fun to go slightly over the top now and again. Just don’t believe that you always have to throw an Amy Atlas styled event for it to be successful.

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