choco bowls of love are my fave

February 11, 2011

Here’s a quick Valentine’s Day treat idea. I like to call them choco bowls of love.
What you’ll need:
heart shaped baking cups
chocolate (I used about half a bag of good quality chocolate chips)
ice cream and jimmies
Lightly coat your baking cups with non-stick spray – the chocolate will come out easier this way. Melt the chocolate however you please (I used the microwave, so yeah, I’m a real culinary genius). Pour the melted chocolate to coat the bottom and sides of the baking cups, using a spoon to get it all covered. Stick in the freezer for ten minutes.
Gently peel away the baking cups and you got yourself a little choco bowl that will look a little like the above photo.
Scoop something delicious inside and sprinkle with something festive like heart shaped jimmies. It’s like a dipped ice cream cone but more lovey.



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