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February 16, 2011

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Have you noticed I’ve been a little more wordy lately? I don’t know what sparked this, maybe all of my long afternoons staring blankly out the window while it rains and listening to James Blunt songs. Just kidding, that didn’t happen. If you’re just here for the pretty pictures, I’ll post something later. This one is for people in it for the long haul. And the topic? Combatting blogger jealousy.

So, much to my dismay, I have not been my best self lately. I’ve been searching for the answer of why this has been the case. My conclusion is a little bit winter madness (I loathe this season) but mostly it’s been a personal matter (that I have not control over) and sometimes it takes over. It takes over and then I just feel really sad and that translates into me not liking myself and that translates into being annoyed by other people because they’re clearly screwing up my life.

I’m not writing this now so you’ll take pity on me and fill my comment section with reasons why I am clearly awesome, I’m writing it to come clean. Contrary to the vibe my blog gives off, I’m not 100% sunny all of the time. I like to believe I’m generally an optimistic person but I have my down time. I’m human. I like to keep my blog sunny and not a chronicle of every bad thing that happens to me because you read blogs to lift you not drag you down.

In my moments of not being my best self lately, jealousy has reared it’s ugly head and the source has been blogs. This is a reflection of my generally negative attitude I’ve had lately and not on the actual bloggers themselves. I fully admit that the feelings are ridiculous but sometimes it’s hard to kick.

Since Twitter has seemed to become a hub for my complaints (sorry followers) I posed the question, “How do you combat blogger jealousy?” I got some fantastic advice and thought that you might benefit from it too. That’s assuming that you’ve felt like this at least once.

“I realized for me it’s usually because I’m not stoked about what’s on my blog. So I put my head down and work. If I have my own cool projects I’m working on, I don’t feel jealous. It’s worked for me every time.”
– Jordan

“I like to unplug and step away for a few days, helps me keep my perspective.”
– Whitney

“Just try to convince yourself that you’re happy with the success that others are having – because nothing good comes from being jealous.”
– Molly

“I give props to blogs that I’m secretly jealous of.”
– Ana

“I try to focus on what I like about my life or things that make me different. You can’t let others miss out on all your amazing qualities because you are too focused on someone else’s life.”
– Chelsea

“Making sure I’m true to myself helps me rise above it.”
– Stephanie

“I try and take a big dosage of you’re awesome.”
– Brittany

“Internet breaks work wonders for me.”
– Danyelle

“I just try to ignore it and focus on what I’m doing and what I’m good at and just don’t look at those blogs for a while – focus on yo’self girl!”
– Jena

“Don’t compare yourself to others, blog what is you and what you believe in.”
– Sandy

Pretty smart, right? Thank you ladies for the constant source of inspiration you create, for being part of this community and for being a friend. I’m listening and working on it.

Do you have any additional advice to share? It’s like self help day. Or help Melanie get out of her slump because we’re tired of her whining day.

PS Marta had some wise words to share about this same topic.

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