a little tin of shamrocks is my fave

March 11, 2011

I”m not Irish, but my best friend Kelly is so this little St Patrick’s Day project is dedicated to her.
a tin can (mine originally housed lite manderian oranges that were disgusting – word of advice, get the fully sweetened stuff)
a little quarter of fabric
Mod Podge
paint brush
Cover the can with Mod Podge, then place at one end of the fabric. Roll the can across the fabric until the entire can is covered. Hold until fully stuck. Trim the extra fabric around the bottom of the can. Stuff the extra fabric at the top inside the can. Make a little bow by folding over an extra strip of fabric and knotting it in the middle with another little strip of fabric. Attach with hot glue. Plant shamrocks, clover, herbs, or flowers in the can to complete.
These would be fun to put on people’s door steps. Either that or corned beef – your choice.



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