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March 17, 2011

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Michelle asked me to take part in her love out loud series focused on finding joy in the everyday. I specifically talked about following your heart pertaining to starting a business. Now doing what you want for “a living” (I don’t make enough to consider it a living yet) may help in the daily happy scale but it’s not the problem solver, there are a lot of obstacles and trials that come with it too. I realize that most people aren’t in the position to take the leap and often have to go with what seems to be the more practical choice. But no matter your position, you can always find your happy somewhere. You can find your happy in a quiet morning, in a sunny day, in a nice welcome home hug, in a delicious meal, in allowing yourself a break, in a call from a friend, in the good song that comes on the radio, in the small moments.

Somedays are just the worst. Somedays you find yourself mourning for people across the world and you can do very little. Somedays you feel sorry for yourself and somedays you feel sorry for others. Recognize those feelings, allow yourself to be sad but don’t forget the happy. Because even on the worst of days, there is always happy to be found.

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