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March 25, 2011



Have I mentioned we’re house hunting? We’re just in the beginning stages but I’m already inpatient. Every house we look at I instantly think about how I would decorate it and where a good place for my cake stand collection would be. Ryan is the rational one looking at the condition of the water heater and such. If I fall in love with one feature, I’m ready to sign the papers, but he brings me down to earth.

To hanker this yearn to decorate (because I’ve completely given up on our apartment and don’t even bother to clean it anymore) I am pouring over the pages of Undecorate from Dwell Studio’s leading lady, Christiane Lemieux. Friends, it is GOOD. The first thing I fell in love with was the perfect shade of chartreuse on the cover. Then I started flipping through and audibly gasped at nearly every page (Ryan thought I was reacting to March Madness). I was so intrigued by every featured home, I actually read the text! They’re all liveable and realistic and you just want to be friends with all the home owners. I could go on but my sub-par writing won’t do this beautiful book justice. So today, because you’re happy it’s Friday, just buy yourself a little present and behold for yourself.

all photos in Undecorate by Melanie Acevedo

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