linen drawstring bags are my fave

April 1, 2011

This project isn’t earth shattering or anything, just practical. I wanted to experiment with printing on fabric and have bags on hand to wrap little gifts in as to avoid my arch nemesis, wrapping paper.

– fabic (linen, canvas or muslin will all work well)
– fabric paint
– stencil (I used some of Lotta’s but you can easily make your own with cardboard and an x-acto knife)
– sponge or paintbrush
– string
– sewing machine

Lay your stencil down on the fabric and use the sponge to paint your pattern. Let dry.
Fold over top edge and stitch, leaving enough space for your string to go through. Attach a safety pin to the end of a piece of string to help push it through the hole created by the stitch (my mom taught me that trick).
Fold fabric in half so the edges line up (inside out) and stitch up the other two sides. Flip right side out.
Stuff with little surprises.

Enjoy your weekend!

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