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April 8, 2011

Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 9.04.37 PM
Picnik collage
This week has been a little slow. One of those most exciting things that I can think of that happened was learning Tina Fey was pregnant. We’ve had to slow down lately and just wait. Wait for the bar results. Wait for more job opportunites. Wait to move. Wait for warm weather. Wait for the return of Project Runway. But I keep on getting this feeling like something big is coming. And if it isn’t, I’m planning a vacation.

YAMF elsewhere:
– A nice feature from Standard Magazine.
– Twitter. My handle is @melanieblodgett because @youaremyfave was already taken (maybe we should spam her stream). I tweet about really awesome things, like my dislike of vanity plates.
– I’m thrilled to have joined the Momtastic team. Last week I talked about my love of paper flowers and this week I’m giving a tutorial on how to make a ruffled crepe paper wall.

Here’s to hoping the weekend is filled with bursts of color.

images: Getty ImagesPam Garrison via Jodi Mckee, Malene LandgreenAbbey Hendrickson

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