a birthday dress is my fave

May 23, 2011

How come all these fashion bloggers can just open their mouths a little and act like Lindsey Lohan and we totally don’t question it? We actually think it looks normal and natural. Then when I attempt it, this is what I get- trying too hard smirk, disgust and white girl dancing. And you wonder why I always crop out my head.

This post is really supposed to be about the dress. I started a tradition a few years ago where I buy myself a dress for my birthday. I allow myself to spend a little more than I usually would so it feels like a special treat. I tried on several this year but settled on this one  from Boden (I used a discount code so don’t hassle me about the price) after Ryan assured me Michael Kors would not call it mother of the bride at a garden reception. I think he may have been lying but Nate Berkus told me it was cute so I’m going to call it a win. Backdoor brag? You betcha.

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