summer goals are my fave

May 26, 2011

I think of this sentiment on a daily basis. Summer is on the horizon and that makes all things better. Stub your big toe in the winter? Man, things are the WORST! Stub your big toe in the summer? Let’s go ride bikes!

Because of the great uncertainty of all things 2011 (that’s the official title I just came up with), our official plans are scarce, but my goals are still plentiful. Here’s the beginning of my list.

Summer goals 2011:
– say no to pants
– make popsicles
– nightly walks
– learn how to pick a good watermelon
– outdoor movies
– use my ice cream maker constantly
– plant an herb garden on my balcony
– road trip to a national park
– long bike rides

What are your summer goals this year?

image: Anne Parker

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