two projects for the 4th are my fave

June 28, 2011

Contrary to popular belief, a 4th of July project doesn’t have to involve an American flag with an eagle soaring across it holding a banner that says something about liberty and guns. That is just a description of my tattoo.

Both of these projects are super quick and could be a good addition to your weekend festivities.
Picnik collage
Patriotic Noise Makers
– small noise makers (found at the dollar store)
– patterned paper
– metallic fringe garland (party store)
– double sided tape
Roll your paper into a cone shape and attach to the noise maker with double sided tape. Cut to size and add the fringe around the bottom with tape and you’re golden.

Ginormous Sparkler Tube 
– wrapping paper tube, cut to size
– patterned paper
– double sided tape
– tissue
– large sparklers
Cut the tube to a length a little longer than the sparklers. Make a stop at one end with a piece of wax paper and a rubber band. Cover the tube with patterned paper and stick with double sided tape. Stuff the sparklers in and finish with tissue paper and a twine bow.

Now I’m going to go march around to something by John Sousa.

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