a first week of summer party is my fave

July 6, 2011

After every party I like to rehash the events that occurred and make a list of the good and the bad. With the exception of a mosquito bite the size of a plum, this party was all good.

Here is why I felt it was successful and these three key things can be applied to any party.
1. It was outside – little decoration is needed if the surroundings are pretty. And if kids are invited, there’s plenty of room to run around.
2. Pulling the fun/surprise element – I rented the ice cream bike from Little Man, a local ice cream parlor, and was so happy to have a server so that it was low maintenance. Plus I wasn’t worried about the ice cream melting.
3. Offer one base food and lots of options – ice cream and toppings is what a believe to be a universally liked treat but you could do something like crepes and fillings or fondue and dippers. The toppings list for this party included: gummy bears, Oreos, brownie chunks, frozen cookie dough, mini pb cups, jimmies, waffle cone bits, raspberries and pirouette cookies.

I’m now saving up my money for an ice cream bike of my own. I plan to take it on a cross country tour and hand out fudgesicles and free advice. Those palazzo pants are not working for you.

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