three (new) blogs to love are my fave

September 8, 2011

So these blogs aren’t spanking brand new but they’re recent additions to my reader and I’ve become instantly hooked. I love when that happens.

Picture 1
Odessa May
Looking through all of Jennie’s archives was my super distraction source yesterday. She knows how to curate the heck out of lovely finds and delivers it in the style equivalent to a brown paper package tied with twine. Plus she’s a swell crafter.

Katie’s Pencil Box
Katie is super stylish, knows how to work a camera (she made me want to go to the fair despite my memories of throwing up on the Zipper) and throws fun celebrations. I want to live in her blog.

I love Emma’s slightly off kilter style and the fun energy she brings to her blog. Her lovely lady series is always a winner.

Now off you go to procrastination city.



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