getting hacked is not my fave

September 29, 2011

something's hiding in here
Hey, I’m back. Kind of. If you don’t follow my twitter or are not one of my five dedicated fans, you probably weren’t aware that my site got hacked. Wait, that’s not right. The server my site was hosted on got hacked. And everything got deleted. On their website they say they back up the files every night but that is a blatant lie. And so I cried. Then my programmer said she could get things restored within a day or two. I was hopeful. Then she had a family emergency. And so I cried. Then I turned to another programmer and she was on the ball and got things up again but there are definitely still some kinks to work out and all the comments are gone and the last year of archives too. And so I cried. I know I’m not a big blogger but you work on something for three + years then see it all get deleted and try not to cry.

My weekend will be dedicated to copying and pasting the last year of posts from Google Reader and listening to some angry girl rock. Yep, Alanis and me will become super tight this weekend.

Come back next week where I’ll be posting regularly. It will be your fave. Promise.

PS You can still find me over here.

image: Something’s Hiding In Here



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