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October 27, 2011

project runway season 9 finale
Today I want to talk Project Runway because frankly, it’s fun. Although I kind of feel like the talent and personalities were lacking this season, I of course still loved it because Tim Gunn and Michael Kors were involved and they’re practically family. My favorite episode had to be when they made the outfit for the girlfriends or wives of the client. I had dreams for days afterwards wondering how Ryan would describe my style and it it would have translated well. I clearly lead an exciting life.

Now, let’s move on to the final four.

Anya – Although Anya makes those cool effortless clothes women wish they had the body for, she’s gotten away with murder this season. The judges clearly let her get a free pass because she pulled the “I’ve only been sewing for four months” card and she’s pretty. Her final collection is not even near the quality it needs to be to be considered runway ready. This is Fashion Week people! (say that in MK’s voice and you’ll laugh)

Viktor – Good taste. Good craftsmanship. Somewhat drab personality but I would wear his stuff (especially this look). I think he has the most talent of the group.

Kimberly – I love that Kimberly and Tim Gunn are so tight. She’s done some nice things throughout the season but her work has never fully stood out to me. I think her collection will be solid. I’m just worried about her use of boob windows. Tacky.

Joshua – Drama. He knows how to bring it. And not in a funny Santino sort of way. In a, I’m crying in the bathroom stall about what you said sort of way. When I saw his color palette (just a touch of neon, don’t make this a firework show kid) and the print he chose I had to shield my eyes. He did a good job editing in front of the judges but I’m not sure he can edit down that much for the final show.

Time to put your bets in. Who’s going to win?

images: New York Magazine

PS Is it customary when naming a godparent that you actually ask the person first? If not, after the baby is born I’m sending a note to Tim Gunn alerting him of the news.

I kid.



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