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December 5, 2011

Picnik collage
Friends, Project Holiday just got a whole lot better because I teamed up the lovely Diana of Yan Photo to capture most of the rest of the projects. Her photos could make the bottom of my foot look pretty.

Who says Christmas has to be just red and green? To make things bright, use yarn to make a festive sign and play with color in your gift packaging.

To make your own sign you’ll need:
– a piece of wood (I found this piece of pine for under $5 at Lowes)
– a hammer + nails
– yarn in a variety of colors
– letter templates printed from computer

Choose a non-fussy font (I used Helvetica) and print out each letter of phrase in desired size. Cut the paper down to size and tape to wood board. Nail around the outline of each letter then pull up the paper templates. Make sure you do this while you’re alone as to not irritate people around you. Wrap the yarn around the nails to create each letter and knot at the end to secure. Admire your handiwork.

Packaging sources:
– mini letter die cut from Lifestyle Crafts
– reindeer stamp from Hobby Lobby
– felt balls from Ornamentea

images: Yan Photo

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