darcy miller’s space is my fave

January 30, 2012

There are a few rooms in Darcy Miller’s home that make me question her sanity (there is no way anyone besides the Pope is allowed in the pristine white living room) but her decorator sure nailed these rooms. For kicks I’m going to pretend I’m eating my bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios in that breakfast nook right now.

images: Nikolas Koenig for Architectural Digest

thoughtful friends are my fave

January 27, 2012

If anybody ever asks me what my favorite part of blogging is I always respond, “The friends I’ve made.” I met both Danni and Karen through blogging and last week during Alt they somehow managed to squeeze in an adorable baby shower, in our hotel room no less! It’s still hard for me to believe how thoughtful those two (and actually the entire guest list) are. Both baby and I are incredibly blessed.

You can see more photos on Oh Hello Friend. And now I’m crying.

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images: Danni Hong

low-commitment projects are my fave

January 26, 2012

Brittany and Tae are blogging one creative project each and every Monday morning of 2012. They’re calling it low-commitment projects. I like it.

images: Low-Commitment Projects

spotted and hearted

January 25, 2012

Best surprise ball ever (I wish my valentine was more crafty) spotted on The Sweetest Occasion

sidenote: I met Jenny at Alt and she was like a sparkly, brunette Barbie. All around awesome.

Color, sparkle, tassels spotted on The Glitter Guide

image: Karlisch + Wrubel

It’s no surprise that Erin’s loft is super chic (I love that sofa!) spotted on Apartment 34

image: Jasmine Gregory

I’m going to starting sending everything in a gold dotted envelope spotted on Fellow Fellow

confetti business cards are my fave

January 24, 2012

Exchanging business cards at Alt is serious business. I wouldn’t have been surprised if somebody would have passed me their first born child along with their die cut, three color, letter press card to make things memorable. This was my attempt at trying not to look too pathetic – hand stamped glassine envelopes filled with confetti. I just now realized they might have been more successful if they had been filled with Swedish fish. Or bars of gold. Blast.

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