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January 12, 2012

Picnik collage
I included a Lulie Wallace painting in a past s&h but I love her work so much, it deserves its own post. I stalk her shop daily to see if there are any updates (I’m fond of the mini ones she added yesterday) and I’m scouting out the perfect spot in our house for one of her happy florals. No, we don’t have a table or chairs yet but I’m already hammering in nails. Once again, priorities are my strong suit.

Lulie Wallace: Shop, Blog


  • On January 12, 2012 , morgan said:

    beautiful! the colors are GORGE.

  • On January 12, 2012 , Molly the waffler said:

    Lovely and happy. Reminds me a bit of Matisse.

  • On January 12, 2012 , Kersey said:

    Thanks for the reminder. Love these!

  • On January 12, 2012 , Mal @ The Chic Geek said:

    oooh, these are gorgeous!

  • On January 12, 2012 , Jillian said:

    These are just breathtaking!

  • On January 12, 2012 , Jen @ pretty plate said:

    She’s my fave too ; )


  • On January 12, 2012 , Joy Ribisi said:

    Those are stunning!

  • On January 12, 2012 , abby said:

    the middle image is MY personal fave . . . such lovely colors and i love the informal style!

  • On January 13, 2012 , Johanna @ 20x2013 Project said:

    Thanks for this great inspiration for some silk painting that I want to do later this year, love the colours, so vivid and luscious

  • On January 13, 2012 , Lena said:

    How beautiful-I love that very first one!

  • On January 13, 2012 , Denise Laborde said:

    I love her work too! I’d love a big one but I have to save my pennies first! I have my eye on a mall one for now :)

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