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January 13, 2012

Picnik collage
This morning we got a new couch delivered to our very empty house and after the delivery guys left I found myself jumping up and down with a few fist pumps thrown in there for good measure. It’s my first piece of furniture that didn’t come off craigslist or cost less than $100. For real. Things are looking up for ole’ Melanie Blodgett.

Don’t you love these celebratory pennants from Rank and FileThese ones especially make me chuckle.

YAMF elsewhere:
Make your own teepee
Best of the Week (you’ll love the play kitchen)
What I look like at 26 weeks (the answer: round)
Cute nursery inspiration
This sounds made up but believe me it’s not
I love this!
Can’t wait until baby Blodgett is snuggled in one of these

Okay, off to find some window coverings.



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